Artist’s Statement

Having grown up in the wide expanses of countryside in Dorset and Wiltshire, I have a strong personal connection to the landscapes depicted in my artwork. My work reflects the world that I see every day, the area that I live and work in, and the wide ranging atmospheres that I thereby experience. Although I experiment with a variety of subject matter and media in my work, it is in work about the landscapes around my home village that convey my intense emotions best.


In order to best explore the variety within the landscapes, I use mixed media. This allows for experimentation with many different effects so as to best emulate both the atmosphere and physical aspects of the scene. I am particularly fascinated in the way that a mix of oil and water based materials can create a contrast and relationship within the work that is often similar to the relationship formed by elements of the landscape. Whilst a smooth painterly effect can often be invaluable, it is equally true that spiked ridges of paint or the dappled effect left by pastels can sometimes best reflect the textures of the landscape. In considering the texture of the items in the landscape being depicted, the media that is thus used provides a closer link to the actual scene for the viewer.


Indeed, I have particular interest in enhancing the viewer’s experience of the landscape through my work. I am therefore focused upon the general atmosphere within works, rather than meticulous recording of details: I am moved by the view before me and it is this emotion that I wish to convey. As such, in order to convey this atmosphere, my work is focused upon the ever-changing interplay of light and colour. I hope to highlight the different ways that light can be used to create atmosphere in work; whether invading a scene or being the subtle background to a striking subject. I have been particularly influenced by the light and colour within the work of JMW Turner, as well as the painterly effects of Rembrandt in relation to my landscape works. These influences have led to a development of my practice as centred upon a fascination with the emotive qualities of light.


This emphasis upon the emotive aspect of my artwork leads to an investigation of abstract as well as more realistic works. However, my landscape works often have a more realistic grounding that grounds them to my experiences of the countryside that I live in. Rather than simply describing the beauty of the landscape around me, I want to, in effect, give life to it. I want my colour to show something of the land itself; an essence that is only felt in person. It relies upon a personal connection that gives an unrivalled passion. I want my work to communicate some of this emotion that I feel in depicting the landscape that I am so passionate about. In focusing upon the atmosphere, I want to communicate the feeling that can enhance the mundane everyday of the land around us; I want to help people to see that amazing variety within the interplay between light and land.